About Cutler

Cutler is a town in Washington County, incorporated on January 28, 1826 from Plantation Number 11 ED.

This coastal community is east of East Machias and boasts a large, protected harbor known as Little Machias Bay.

Maine Route 191, the Cutler Road, leaves East Machias and runs through the main Village, then turns northeast to Trescott and Lubec.

Cutler Coast Public Preserved Land, in Cutler and Whiting, contains almost five miles of dramatic cliff-bound ocean shore. The 12,000-acre area represents the eastern tip of Washington County where peatlands, blueberry barrens, partially forested ledges, and thick, swampy woods dominate the countryside. Unusual features like grasslands and meadows, windswept coastal headlands and steep, jagged cliffs that jut into the ocean hug the 4.5 miles of totally undeveloped coastline. Access is from Route 191 in Cutler.


The Town of Cutler is seeking individuals to serve on the following boards:

  • Cutler Planning Board and/or

  • Cutler Comprehensive Planning Board

  • Board of Appeals

If you are interested in serving, please contact the Cutler Town Office at 207-259-3693